Who Are We ?

Established in 2017, DECOIN is a trading & exchange platform that values and shares its success with the cryptocurrency community. Built on an independent blockchain, the DECOIN team has developed and designed a next generation digital asset platform focused on providing maximum security & support for its users. The exchange was developed for both new traders, who will benefit from its ease of use, as well as experienced traders who can take advantage of its advanced trading features and charting tools.
DECOIN has issued its own digital currency called DTEP, that is powered by an independent blockchain which incorporates a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm.

DECOIN is led by an experienced team of Fintech experts, financial professionals and experienced traders.

Shay Perry


Nadav Moshe

Founder & CTO

Ari Recht

VP Business Dev.

Our Benefits

Revenue Share
Credit Card Program
Decoin Index
The D-Bot


Q4. 2017
  • The birth of DECOIN
Q1. 2018
  • Began Development of Decoin Exchange
  • Began Development of Decoin Exchange
  • Development of DECOIN Pure PoS Blockchain
Q2. 2018
  • Began building DECOIN Crypto Index
  • Began applying for EU Crypto License Application
Q3. 2018
  • Completion of DECOIN Exchange Beta stage
  • Pure Pos blockchain up and running
Q4. 2018
  • Established DECOIN’s Estonian Office
  • Completion of DECOIN initial Coin Offering
Q1. 2019
  • Wallet Launch
  • DECOIN Exchange Beta LIVE
Q2. 2019
  • Launch of the DECOIN Exchange platform
  • Issue DECOIN Debit Card to relevant coin holders
  • Launch the DECOIN Index
  • Launch the D-BOT
Q3. 2019
  • DECOIN enhanced credit card with credit facility
Q4. 2019
  • Receive required regulatory license
  • Launch DECOIN Exchange and trading platform in North America
Q1. 2020
  • Launch of the DECOIN decentralized exchange

We Have Users Worldwide