Your security is our priority. The DECOIN team is continually working to develop and update our security measures, insuring the protection of our users. The DECOIN Platform, wallet and Blockchain are all monitored as we continue to improve our end-to-end security solutions and minimize the 'attack surface' of our infrastructure

Security Settings

To protect your Decoin account, we have configured your security settings by default. To view or change your current security settings, please visit to check the status of your account

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

2FA allows us to make sure that people trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are. DECOIN allows you to add this extra layer of security to your account and protect sensitive operations such as logging in, generating API keys, and withdrawing. Configure two-factor authentication using Google Authentication or Twilio

Authentication & monitoring tools protecting your account
  • Login data is kept, analyzed & tracked for uncommon activity
  • IP Address changes detected to prevent session hijacking
  • Limit access to your account from specific IP address
Withdrawals protection
  • The DECOIN platform monitors all withdrawals, looking for unusual or uncommon user behavior
  • The withdrawal process was designed to protect from malicious browser malware
  • Coin holders can set the one specific address where the funds can be transferred to
Advanced API key permissions
  • For our advanced trader, the DECOIN platform allows for the creation of REST and WebSockets API keys with advanced read/write permissions
Always up-to-date Linux system to host the platform
  • We have extensive custom firewall rules and large mod security rule sets protecting our servers from a variety of forms of attack
  • Our datacenters are all in highly secure facilities with restricted access
  • Additional server security methods and precautions employed are confidential
Automated database backup
  • The DECOIN databases are backed up, encrypted and compressed as an archive
Backup data Duplication
  • The DECOIN platform regularly backs up the operational state, architecture and stored data of our database. We also have a duplicate instance or copy of a database in case the primary database crashes, is corrupted or is lost
Protection from DDos attacks
  • As DDOS attacks have become more frequent, DECOIN has implemented measures to protect our platform from Distributed Denial of Service attacks that will ensure regular uninterrupted trading, that is not halted by outside attacks